I have owned the domain Amirtech.com since 2002.  I used to own AmirShaikh.com but felt it was too difficult for people to spell, especially when using it as your primary domain for email.  In retrospect, it would have been nice to keep AmirShaikh.com as well.

 To make amends, I have registered my sons names, HumzaShaikh.com and YusufShaikh.com.  Who knows if it's worth anything, but $10/year per-domain isn't going to kill me.  

 Anyhow back to Amirtech.com....

It was mainly a combination of a blog, job hunting, and engineering techie stuff website.   I had some hacks that I had done, such as my "Digital Picture Frame".  I still have the device though it is antiquated.  I was also an car fanatic, so had some modification pictures up as well.  

I remember getting frequent emails about the mods, and questions.  I'll see if I can find the pages again and put them up...just for fun.  So you may ask why I got rid of it?  Well..one word..YouSendIt.  It wasn't the best idea to have a site up with too much personal information at the time, so I took it down.  I was new at the funding game, so I wanted to be conservative.  Khalid my brother (and fellow YouSendIt founder) had a huge elaborate site with lots of deep content www.shakenet.com.  Also went down.  It was a sad day Cry.

 So now I'm thinking, what do I want to do with Amirtech.com?? 

 I mean...do I really want a blog?  Am I that vain that I want people to read what i say?  Can I think of it differently that I'm just going to put stuff out there just for the heck of it.  

To be honest...I'm not sure....for now let's just say this is my first entry and leave it at that Laughing