I found these lying on my desktop.  They are pics from TieCon 2004 when we had our first YouSendIt booth.   The booth cost us $3K and we had a cool demo we coded up (well actually Khalid Shaikh and Sanchay Banerjee coded up) that allowed you to send a personalized virtual post card to a friend via YouSendIt.  We could also print it as a souvenir.

 We used a little eye camera, it would take a picture, crop it, and embed it into a virtual postcard which we would save and send.  Actually the longest part of the project was getting a good postcard border.  We tried a few of our "outsourced" friends in India but it kept coming out wrong.  Finally we settled on one that Francis Wu (our Montreal graphic designer) came up with.  

I don't have any pics of me...one of the flaws of being the guy holding the camera Surprised

Anyhow...the pics....


< need to reupload them >