I always felt that people overemphasized the idea that turning 40 meant the beginning of one's decline.  I mean it's just a number, so why would that affect anything?

If we are talking about peaking, then sure, some folks peak at 22, and others never peak.  

So guess what, 3 months after I turn 40, I tear my left calf muscle (gastrocnemeius).  Never did it before.  I'm not thin, but I'm reasonably active.  So how did it happen?  

I play ball hockey twice a week.  I play on 2 teams in a league, and I play in a pickup game.  So typically this comes out to about five 1-hour games per week.  I was playing defense as some players were late, so we were playing iron man (aka no substitutions).  All I did was turn around push hard to chase down the ball, and suddenly felt a sharp pain as if someone hit me with a slapshot.  I even turned around to look, utterly confused, since I knew the ball was in front of me.  Then felt this popping sound.  Similar to a dislocation type of feeling.

1st doctor visit, the next day.   Doc tells me I'm out 12 weeks!  Ugh!

The 2nd visit 2 weeks later.  I say, "can I play goalie?"  Doc says, 1 more month and we'll see. Things are getting better. Started physiotherapy on Monday.  

Then last night, exactly 3 weeks later (nearly to the hour), I just jumped to go up the stairs quickly, and POP. Left calf again!

Arrrghh!!  I'm more pissed than in pain.  

So this is what it means to be 40 years old Cry